How to PUBLISH these articles?


You may publish* these articles provided you credit the writer “Bahauddin Foizee” in the republished article/s with his name and biography and send an email at informing that you are using the article/s for your media-outlet (newspaper/magazine/other online platform). Please mention the name and website address of your media outlet in the email.

The email procedure is not a permission, but merely a way to inform. However, if you are willing to regularly publish articles from this website, you have to take permission just once informing about your willingness to regularly take articles from the website.

* Unless otherwise mentioned in the article.

* This does not apply for Bangladesh-based newspapers/magazines/other online platforms. Bangladeshi media-outlets have to take prior permission before republishing these articles via an email at . Only after receiving the said permission from the writer, you may proceed to publish the article/s. The writer has every right to reject the permission.