This publication – Bahauddin Foizee (ISSN 2523-014X) – contains write-ups from Bahauddin Foizee.


Bahauddin Foizee is an international affairs analyst & columnist, and specializes on greater Asia Pacific & Indian Oceanic region geopolitics. He also focuses on geopolitics centering greater Middle East.

With his articles published in several countries around the world, he, as columnist, has regular presence in leading Dhaka-based print newspapers.

Besides his area of specialization, he infrequently writes his perspectives on European affairs. A campaigner for environmental and social awareness, he occasionally writes on worldwide deteriorating environment & refugee condition too.

His opinion pieces regularly appear at Asia Times, Eurasia Review, Modern Diplomacy, The Independent, The Financial Express and Daily Observer.

He was also published at, among others, The Diplomat, Middle East Monitor (MEMO), The New Nation, Daily Sun, Global New Light of Myanmar, The New Age and Dhaka Courier.

He can be reached at foizee.bahauddin@gmail.com


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